Sand / Gravel Pit and Rock Quarry


                • Fully permitted gravel pit (100,000 tonnes / annum)
                • Fully permitted rock quarry (1500 tonnes / day)
                • Cement / Concrete plant
                • Businesses run in a partnership with First Nations

The Merritt Mill Property hosts an active gravel pit under a tolling agreement, located on District Lot 4234, Thompson Nicola Regional District, Parcel 005 | 729 | 289. Permitted for an annual production of approximately 100,000 tonnes, the gravel pit is operated by Infracon – Lower Nicola Site Services Limited Partnership. Interested parties can find more details about utilizing materials from the Nicola Quarry in our May 2, 2022, news release.

For specific information, contact Tyler Bateson at LNSS/Infracon via email at or by phone at 250-315-9215 for sand, gravel, aggregate, and riprap quotations.

Nicola Mining has obtained a rock quarry permit and begun supplying materials to the Ministry of Transport for highway infrastructure repairs.


Collaborating with LNSS on our rock quarry project offers more than just a new source of revenue; it underscores our commitment to community relations and enables local benefits from our initiatives. The material from our quarry contributed significantly to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (MOTI) in repairing the Trans-Canada Highway, Highways 99, 7, 3, 5, and 8, all affected by the November 2021 flooding events under the Interior Region Flood Repairs initiative.

Merritt Herald | May 9, 2022 | Izaiah Reyes | Trending, Indigenous, News, Community

Nicola Mining to assist in Lower Nicola infrastructure repairs



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In May 2022, Lower Nicola Site Services (LNSS), a partnership between Infracon and the Lower Nicola Indian Band Corp., initiated production at the Nicola Mines Quarry & Gravel Pit. This quarry provides riprap, aggregates, concrete rock, and sand to local companies, supporting various local projects such as the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) initiatives.