New Craigmont Property MDRU Gallery

We are proud to be collaborating with UBC’s MDRU and are excited about the prospect for the 10,800+ hectares that makes up the New Craigmont Copper Project.

This poster was presented by the MDRU on Dec 6, 2023 outlining their study on the New Craigmont project.

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Copper is strategic for Canada, especially BC Mining.

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“The BC Porphyry Project will enable the minerals industry to effectively explore for porphyry copper deposits in British Columbia (BC) and across the world. This research will include work at several BC study sites with known alkalic copper porphyry deposits…

This research project aims to improve the efficiency and pace of porphyry copper discovery in British Columbia.”

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Porphyry Project Participants

As you can see from above,  many of UBC’s MDRU Members are active in BC Mining. Given our ongoing experience with them, we encourage our peers to engage with and join in supporting them.

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